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Kisah Prabu Mayadenawa • Legend of Mayadenawa

A wonderful 1970's production by Bhaskara Film, Singaraja - a community theater rendering of the Balinese legend of the sorceror king Mayadenawa. In this version of the Mayadenawa story (there are many versions of this ancient tale on Bali), the powerful king forced his people to worship him as a God.

This legend, which in Bali is commemerated each year at the time of Galungan, is deeply related to the Tukad Petanu river as it is believed that the Tukad Petanu river bed was carved out of the blood of Mayadenawa, when, after many days of battle between Mayadenawa and the heavenly army, the God Batara Indra killed him by piercing him with an arrow.

Another rendering of the Mayadena tale, say that the powerful king was actually a vocal activist that encouraged his people to question blind faith, and for this he was excommunicated.

Film Source & Producer : A A Ngurah Sentanu

For more information or to join the campaign to Stop The Illegal Mining of Tukad Petanu visit or join the conversation on

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