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Dilema Tukad Petanu Bali

The Tukad Petanu River in Bali flows from the sacred Hindu waters of Tampaksiring. This precious watershed is associated with a fascinating Balinese myth about the powerful King Mayadenawa.

The banks of this precious river are being devastated by illegal mining of sandstone, this used to be stone that was used for sacred temples in Bali but these days most of the stone is being sold to be used as construction materials for the villas, resorts and fancy landscapes that are choking Bali's once pristine landscape.

Rampant damage and pollution due to mining waste in the river is a major issue in the village areas of Kemenuh, and Blabatuh.

This film has a look at the story behind the scene of the illegal mining and the extremely hazardous working conditions for the miners, who put their lives at risk every day down in the unregulated mines.

The film also discussed the importance of preservation of the Petanu River and its beautiful, yet threatened, environment. The film shows community opinions about how the mining system works and options to shift those involved to a more sustainable livelihood, such as organic farming.

For more information or to join the campaign to Stop The Illegal Mining of Tukad Petanu visit or join the conversation on

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